To succeed in an endeavor of this magnitude, Lewis Services believes that clearly defined course of action must be developed to attain expressly stated goals. Our long-term goal is to provide complete maintenance services that are of unparalleled caliber and quality. To achieve this stated objective; Lewis Services' project management plan is based on seven basic premises geared toward the successful completion of any contract to the total satisfaction of all our clients.


Client Partnership

Lewis Services stresses the "partnering" concept in all of its customer relationships. As associates in a joint enterprise, we constantly invite client input and feedback. We feel that are critical components in these types of working relationships. We have discovered that by using the partner concept successful project completion is inevitable. From the onset, Lewis Services establishes and agree upon clearly defined objectives with all clients. Through this cooperative effort , stated objectives will be met to the complete satisfaction of each and every client. We are successful because we provide value to our clients and recognize the value of our suppliers and employees.

Quality and Safety

We believe in quality for every single project. Every Lewis Services employee and subcontractor is expected to put "due diligence" into every project. Lewis Services employees take extreme pride in their work and are committed to a superior end product. Testimonials tell of the exemplary effort of Lewis Services employees working to achieve goals, not because they have to, but because they want to. While quality is extremely important, we value safety just as highly. We strive to be "proactive" with accident prevention, not just reactive. It is the responsibility of each Lewis Services employee to ensure safe procedures and conditions for all Lewis Services personnel.

Company Commitment

Contract oversight in daily project implementation is critical to our success. In this industry, responsiveness to changing situations and emergencies are required. This commitment has been a distinguishing characteristic of Lewis Services. Lewis Services will devote the direct, personal attention of our highest corporate management to ensure the success of all projects. With our human, financial, and material resources, we are confident that we will successfully address any issues that may arise.

Continuous Process Involvement

Our management teams continually evaluates the efficiency of our methods and the costs associated with them. The goal of our efforts is to continuously improve our processes and overall effectiveness. We constantly improve our business through the application of total quality management principles to the long-term objectives of our customers are met.

Effective Phase In

Lewis Services will provide an aggressive, effective, and seamless transition to full-scale contract services. We believe that this part of the contract administration is critical. It has been our experience that this time period serves as an indication of long-range success or failure. Because of the importance of the effective phase-in, Lewis Services will devote its full resources in order to ensure success during this time period.

Management Controls

Through application and refinement on numerous contracts, Lewis Services has developed policies and procedures to ensure prompt and efficient management. The essence of this approach is based on the simple philosophy that any individual given the responsibility to complete a task must also have the necessary authority. When this concept is combined with a rigorous program of quality-control, the result is responsive, proactive one site management.